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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpets in the home or office can come under a lot of wear and tear. They can be spoiled with traffic lanes, stains, discolouring and ultimately this damage may lead to the need to replace them. Carpets that don’t receive regular professional carpet cleaning can ultimately end up in a bad state. With regular cleaning they can retain that look, feel and smell of a new carpet for longer.

Benefits of using Dry Carpet Clean

No need to remove furniture | Dry cleaning is easy, safe and highly effective | Carpet pile is lifted, deep cleaned and revived with a greatly enhanced appearance | Dust mite allergens and other harmful bacteria are greatly reduced | No after smell of dampness | No sticky residue left over | Carpets can be frequently cleaned without harming carpet fibres. Easy to get into Small and tight areas. | Carpets are ready to walk on immediately | No need to clean carpets at unsociable times to allow for drying

Wet Extraction Clean

Recommended for Domestic and small Heavily soiled areas
The hot water extraction carpet cleaning process provides a more thorough clean. It is able to get down deep in the carpet where the dry method cannot. But on the downside, it can take much longer for the carpet to dry and useable.

Upholstery Clean & leather clean

Extend the life of all upholstery and leather by using our professional upholstery and leather cleaning methods, to deal with your worn-out stained upholstery and leather to make them look like brighter and stain free.
We use the latest upholstery treatment techniques that brings remarkable results.

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